Bra Cups & lamination Manufacturing

Bra Cup & Laminating Sponge

Bosacups is headquartered in Istanbul and manufactures its bra cups in Turkey. Bosacup has more than 340 moulding machines yielding a potential capacity of 400.000 pairs of bra cups per month. To ensure excellent service and responsiveness to our customers, Bosacups production hundreds of shapes and styles of bra cups in Istanbul for quick delivery.

We are continuously striving to innovate. We work with our customers to develop new shapes and incorporate new materials. Bosacups has forty-five CNC machines to help facilitate new sample development and shorter lead times for production.

Laminating Sponge

Laminating sponge is one of our popular models manufactured in the form of ready-to-use materials for the apparel industry. With a length of 150 cm and various thicknesses of 3, 4, 5 and 10 mm’s according to needs, it’s a product with a long wearing life put together using the latest bonding techniques and antibacterial properties.


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