Using recycled synthetic materials to reduce sea plastic waste.

Quite a huge step to reduce the ecological footprint for BraCups and reduce sea plastic waste.

Produced entirely from recycling materials.

Using completely out of 100% recyclable 3D fiber fabric. The 3D fiber recycle material process the BraCup to breath. c


Perforated and breathable lamination and fabric.

Do not sweat!

Cooler and air-permeable properties keep the skin comfortable, maintain the skin respiratory ecology, and relieve the skin from sweating.

High breathability and heat regulation!



an extremely light, airy and knitting fabric.

The Spacer foam is knitted to create foamy air pockets that allow air to pass through the cup.

The feeling is also  soft and has a bit of spongy elements that literally make you feel like you’re wearing nothing.

The lightweight and breathable design of space bras certainly decrease the boob sweat and discomfort.